Hội Trầm Hương Việt Nam
Hội Trầm Hương Việt Nam
Vietnam Agarwood Association (VAWA)
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Achieving legal, sustainable and traceable trade of agarwood producing taxa in Indonesia

AgarwoodProducing Species in Indonesia

The Agarwood producing species consisting of 10 species belong to 2 genera Aquilaria and Gyrinops that distributed throughout Indonesia.

Four species of genus Aquilaria, namely Aquilaria malaccensis, A.hirta, A.beccariana and A.microcarpa are known grow in western part of Indonesia only, including Sumatera and Kalimantan

The six species of 2 genera namely Aquilaria cumingiana, A. filaria, Gyrinops decipiens, G. ledermanii, G. moluccana and G. versteegii are distributed in eastern part of Indonesia.

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