Hội Trầm Hương Việt Nam
Hội Trầm Hương Việt Nam
Vietnam Agarwood Association (VAWA)
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Vietnam agarwood Association (VAA) is a nongovermental organization since 2004 and currently under administration of the Vietnam aromatic Association (VOCA). From 2010, VAA divide from VOCA and Ministry of the interior decided to establish, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development.

VAA is responsible for management function of agarwood industry such as to research development strategy, to research scientific applications and to transfer creating agarwood and it’s oil extraction technology, VAA cooperates with manufacturers of handicrafts, processed products from agarwood for business to contribute to the economic development of Vietnam.

VAA has close relation with international organization and the nations of the world, who has products and agarwood consumption such as: China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Maylaisia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Middle Easts and Other nations.

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